Our Speaker: Krista Penner

Krista Penner dynamically motivates and inspires audiences to embrace the love of God (did we say hysterically funny and honest about life as a woman, mother, professional and friend?).  She developed her writing and speaking style while working at Sony of Canada for 20 years. Her experience in the corporate world has given her the ability to understand what women face as they try to find balance in a culture that demands that they are good at everything all the time! She now serves as the Director of Women’s Ministries for the Fellowship of Evangelical Churches BC and the Yukon. In this role, she motivates and mentors women as they use their gifts to serve in their communities across British Columbia.

Seminars (choose two)

Lizz Tracy

Handling Your Finances Well

No matter the state of your finances, there’s always tweaking to be done! Come to this session and learn about the 7 baby steps to take control of your money and make IT work for YOU. Turns out, God has a lot to say about money and how we should be stewarding it.

Barb Borthistle

Personal Purpose

This is an invitation to focus on you for a short moment in time, to discover the Creator’s unique intentions for you, your values and the meaning you want infused into your day to day life.  It is a small step toward thriving and a life giving reality.  You will be given the beginnings to creating your own personal declaration, a living document that gives light to the way you want to live, the person you long to be.

Kaila Musgrove

Loving People With Special Needs (YL Capernaum Ministry)

Young Life Capernaum is a new branch of Young Life that is dedicated to making sure teens with disabilities have the opportunity to participate in all Young Life has to offer. In this seminar I will  explain what Capernaum is in depth, what has been happening in the beginning stages, and how you could bring Capernaum to your area.

Sarah Mariott

Sabbath and Gratitude - Where Do We Find Our Joy?

Sarah was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease two years ago and a desire to regain her health sent her on a journey of personal discovery. Her new found recipe for joy and vitality includes heaping doses of biblical self care and changes in perspective, layered with gratitude and generously sprinkled with laughter and tears.

Krista Penner

Crucial Conversattions

Conversations that Matter: What I learned about my faith in the corporate world. Join Krista Penner as she shares her career story and the power of engaging well when it matters most.

Scarlet Cramer

Communication Matters : How to Listen So Someone Feels Free to Speak

Explore the open ended ways Jesus communicated to those who were for and against him that offered healing and challenges to all he met.  Scarlet will discuss the ways our wounds and the brokeness of this worlded block communication and often triggers our brain to go into fight or fliglht mode.  The seminar will be full of real life tools and stories that will bring to light importance of communication that will make a difference in the we speak and listen to our spouses, family and friends.

Grace Lynn Reeve

Compassion & Boundaries: An Ethical Response to Poverty

Grace Lynn was raised in a third world country and now works in the Downtown Eastside with Union Gospel Mission.  Like you, she has struggled with the question of how to respond to poverty, homelessness, addiction, and abuse in a way that honours God and is actually helpful.  In this workshop, you will examine Biblical principles, the example of Jesus, and real-life stories to develop your own response to poverty and pain.

Christy Keillor

Learning How To Crave Healthy Foods

Christy has been a Registered Dietitian for over 20 years working in a variety of roles from clinical and community nutrition to private consulting, management, resource development, speaking and educating.  My passion is to walk alongside people and organizations to support them in finding innovative, practical and manageable solutions for improving health through nutrition.  I am a busy wife and mom but love to travel and explore my new passion of cycling and my old passion of gardening!

Christy Saunders

Becoming Moms Who Say Yes

Practical advice for instilling wonder in our children’s world, cultivating their gifts, and balancing structure with individual choice, to raise big picture kids.

Christy has worked with children in various capacities, from a Preschool Teacher to a Children’s Pastor. After receiving her ECE degree, she went on to get her BA in Youth Ministry. As a Coordinator and Ministry Coach for MOPS International, and in the “Mom Trenches” herself, Christy has a passion for walking alongside other moms just like her and learning together how to do the very best for our kids.

Juanita Corbett

Natural Oils All Around Us

A fun, informative workshop about working with essential oils. Whatever befalls you God has given you an answer through His creation. Learn how to make your own body scrubs!

Juanita Corbett was educated in the State of Oregon, becoming a hairdresser, aroma-therapist, reflexologist, Massage Therapist, cosmetologist and an esthetician. She has practiced her trade and helped create The Hills Health Ranch in BC. She has won numerous awards, and has been inducted into the US spa industry Hall of Fame at the National Press Club by the Washington Spa Alliance in 2015, with her husband Patrick.

Our Free Time options include:

  • Holy Yoga
  • Bollywood dancing
  • Nature strolls
  • Aquafit
  • Relaxation stations (manicures, colouring, crafts)
  • Painting
  • Knitting and crocheting (bring your current project)
  • “Fling your Bling” – purse exchange