Enjoy Beautiful BC to it's fullest with the stunning 1500 acres of property

Free Time Activities

  • Nature strolls

  • Aquafit

  • Relaxation stations (manicures, colouring, …)

  • Painting

  • Hiking or biking

  • Water skiing or wakeboarding

  • Ziplining or high ropes

  • Reading by the pool

  • Napping

Saturday Night Gala

Our Saturday evening Gala theme is “Garden Party!”  We’ll be celebrating growth, beauty, life and what is yet to come! Dress up in something that symbolizes these things in your life. Here are a few ideas to wet your whistle.

The sky is the limit! Have fun with it. Fun and connection is the key, there are no prizes for the best outfit!

Enjoy Beautiful BC to it's fullest with the stunning 1500 acres of property

Swap Meet Details

We are so excited to have you join us at our Weekend for Women at RockRidge Canyon.

There will be a swap meet highlighting our theme “Cultivating Life.”  Each person can bring an item and will be able to choose an item off the table.  These are to be previously used, re-gifted or second hand.  It does not have to be directly related to gardening – your imagination is the limit! Please bring your item to registration on Friday and we will have the swap meet on Saturday.


Ideas for gardeners, crafters or non-gardeners:

  • seeds, gloves, tools, books, magazines
  • watering can, plant pots, row markers
  • jar of compost or manure, bedding plants
  • divided perennials, seed starting supplies
  • garden themed craft supplies, painted rocks
  • garden themed ornaments or home decor
  • Floral soap or lotion, flower decor
  • book bag with flower or garden design
  • t-shirt with flower or garden design