Volunteering for Young Life Summer Staff

Applications Now Open!

Are you eligible for Summer Staff?

Summer Staff roles require considerable maturity and non-verbal witness serving the campers in a variety of ways like lifeguarding, boat drivers, challenge course and retail. Preference is given to applicants 19 years of age or one year out of high school. Consideration will be given to those 18 years old who have graduated from high school and have previous camp experience.

Personal Growth

It’s not often in life that we get to evaluate our purpose, map out our future and reflect on our past. As a volunteer on Summer Staff at a Young Life camp, you’ll have the chance to grow personally and spiritually — you’ll be surrounded by other people like yourself who really want their life to count for something. We think you’ll come away from your experiences at camp better equipped to make choices about your future plans, education and career.

You’ll also find yourself refreshed by the hundreds of kids you’ve impacted during the summer — kids you’ve helped have the best week of their lives at a Young Life camp.

While volunteering on Summer Staff, you’ll meet people from all over the country, and even from around the world. At the end of you session, many of these people will be considered your lifelong friends. You’ll have a chance to try new things and to spend time at one of the most beautiful places on God’s earth. You’ll also be challenged to take your faith to a new level and learn how to serve like Jesus did thousands of years ago.

Yes, it will be hard work, but there’s a big payoff — changed lives — yours and the kids you influence.

For more information, talk to your local area director. Find a Young Life club near you.