Winter Crew and Stay & Study 2022


A life lived with purpose

There are times in life to stop, reflect on our past, evaluate our purpose and map out our future. Moving into and through post-secondary education is one of those perfect times. Living at and serving at RockRidge Canyon might be the right choice for you right now. 

First and foremost, our Winter Crew and Stay and Study Students have a growing faith in Christ. You will have the ability and opportunity to serve with excellence and have a desire to be challenged and grow in your relationship with Christ. 

You’ll live in a rural environment, surrounded by other people like yourself who really want their life to count for something. We think you’ll come away from your experiences in this community better equipped to make choices about your future plans, education and career.

Winter Crew vs Stay & Study

Two tracks for Winter 2022

Winter Crew are short term full time volunteer positions with a monthly stipend, available to college age adults.

Stay & Study are college/university students taking online classes who also serve as volunteers on site.

For The Greater Good

Together you form one community, sharing your skills, life and faith, and your service plays a vital role as we host guests during our rental season, an essential aspect of what makes the summer youth season possible.  

A Growing Community

As a community, you will enjoy

  • Eating together
  • Serving, Growing and Playing together
  • Fun weekly events
  • Exploring the property and local area together 
  • Use of indoor and outdoor recreation equipment (fitness room, snowshoes, ice rink, tube hill, etc)

Spiritual Growth

  • Weekly Bible Study
  • Morning Devotionals with property staff
  • Personal 1 on 1 check-ins with Coordinator/RA



Stay & Study

This is an awesome opportunity to live at RockRidge Canyon this winter, while taking your online university and college courses. Join other college students as you live in Wolfe Creek Lodge, study, volunteer, and enjoy the RockRidge Canyon community throughout this beautiful season. During the week you will have ample time to devote yourself to your online classes and studies. When we have a weekend group we are looking for 15-20 hours to help us serve our guest groups.

Dates & Cost

  • Arrival: Starts January 4, 2022. Some late arrivals accepted.
  • Departure: End of the winter semester, 2022.

Program fee: $400.

Education requirement: Enrolled as of January 2022 in a ¾ to full-time university or college program, taking online courses.

Accommodation: Wolfe Creek Lodge

Room and Board: Covered in lieu of volunteer hours (15-20 hours of work on weekends). Shared accommodations. The program includes accommodation and most meals. Self-serve breakfast. Lunch and Dinner provided. There may be periods where you are asked to help prepare meals for the community. Access to a kitchen is provided. Study spaces with wifi provided.

Positions: Food Services (Dish Pits, Dining Hall Servers).

Number of Winter Stay & Study opportunities: For your best experience, positions are limited to 10 students, max.

Core Competency and Eligibility Requirements

  • Growing relationship with Christ
  • Community focused
  • Developing Study Habits
  • Servant attitude

Application: Complete all questions. Reference required.

Winter Crew

The Winter Crew lives and serves together, building real life vocational skills within the invigorating RockRidge Canyon community.

Winter Crew is a volunteer position with a $1000/month stipend, room & board is included. Work will be roughly 40 hours a week which may include weekends, in Guest Services, Food Services and housekeeping and any other department, depending on need.


  • Arrival: Starts January 4, 2022. Some late arrivals accepted.
  • Departure: May 1, 2022. (This term may be shortened if guest groups are not booked and volunteer hours aren’t required).

Room & Board + Volunteer Stipend: Room & board is included, with $1000/month volunteer stipend in lieu of hours served.

Room and Board: The program includes shared accommodations in Wolfe Creek Lodge plus most meals. Self serve breakfast. Lunch and Dinner provided.

Positions: Food Services and Guest Keeping (Guest Keeping = Focus on Housekeeping with some Guest Services).

Skill Building

  • Food Service experience
  • Hospitality experience
  • Guest Services experience

Number of Winter Crew opportunities: 5 total (2 Food Service, 3 Guest Keepers)

Core Competency and Eligibility Requirements

  • Growing relationship with Christ
  • Community focused
  • Team player
  • Servant attitude
  • Flexibility

You must have graduated from high school. Grade 12 education or higher. Open to persons of college age.

Skills: What are your special skills & life/work experience? Let us know in your application!

Application: Questions & 1 reference required. Apply soon!