The Rock - Theatre & Meeting Rooms


The Theatre (Jimmy’s Club Room) is 65’ wide and 60 ft deep and will seat 320 on chairs on curved risers and an additional 30+- in front of stage and in the VIP Rooms for up to 350 people.

Floors in the theatre and meeting rooms are heated with whisper quiet air conditioning.

Audio/Visual equipment is state of the art.

Meeting Rooms

Large Meeting Room (Louie Gellert Memorial Room): The large lake front meeting room is 20’ x 40′ and can seat up to 60.

Small Meeting Room (Rose Gellert Memorial Room): This lake front meeting Room is 13’ x 30’ and can seat up to 30.

The Rock Lobby

The Rock Lobby is 2000 square feet designed with a fully functional concession area.

The Lobby has a 20 foot high, east-facing glass wall that is floor to ceiling and has a stunning view that overlooks Lorne Lake.