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Through your gifts we are able to sustain an effective camping ministry.

Who we are and why

At RockRidge Canyon, teens get away from the pressures of everyday life, have fun with friends and their Young Life leaders, and hear the message of God’s love in terms they can understand.
As a Young Life of Canada property, a unique aspect of our camping program is that teens attend with their leader, one they’ve come to know throughout the school year, and return home with that same leader. The bonds formed go beyond a week at camp – many last a lifetime. As Christians, our deepest hope is that they last an eternity!

Responding to COVID-19: Moving from Survive to Thrive

Our goal at RockRidge Canyon is to support the mission of Young Life and be good stewards of the property, people and resources God has entrusted us to manage for his kingdom purposes and glory.

It’s certainly been a season of highs and lows.

COVID-19 restrictions prevented us from being open for rental groups which initially curtailed a key source of our revenue. In response, our staff shifted, reduced hours, and focused on caring for the property in high impact, low cost ways. We did a lot of sanding, painting and staining! A returning guest commented this summer that, “Everything looks so good now – like RockRidge Canyon is having a grand opening!”

In June of 2021 we were able to open our doors to schools in our local Interior Health Region and built some wonderful, new relationships with local kids and teachers. Praise God that more students and teachers could learn about the mission!

For a second summer in a row, we were disappointed to not be able to host Young Life teen camping. This is the heartbeat of who we are and why we exist. However, we had an amazing sold out response to eight weekends of Family Retreats in July and August. Our goal was to bless and strengthen families and we had such a wonderful summer hosting hundreds of guests who had never been at RockRidge Canyon, alumni who had not been on the property for years and even several families from our Capernaum Ministry. We were also encouraged by an amazing group of Interns and Summer Staff, who worked tirelessly beside staff to serve our guests.

A similar rhythm occurred in the fall of 2021. We started strong with groups returning but as restrictions returned groups became scarce or reduced their guest numbers.

A blessing in disguise

We had planned to host a Christmas experience at RockRidge Canyon but when the roads were cut off between the BC lower mainland and the town of Princeton was flooded we pivoted to hosting a wonderful dinner for the town, with all invited. Supporters from all over donated to the cause and all costs were covered. It was an unforeseen blessing to both the town and our staff during a challenging experience.

Even with all these positives, we have do not anticipate generating enough revenue to cover our 2022 budget.

We are thankful that our projected deficit, while considerable, was substantially lower than anticipated. Governmental assistance programs, the employment insurance work-share program, key donor support, income from limited rentals and keen fiscal management all helped, but the restrictions imposed on our summer and rental season will leave us with a significant shortfall.

Through all this, we have faith and remain hopeful and encouraged. We press on toward our goal of blessing more teens and families and sharing the hope and wonder of God’s great love.

With that said, it is with deep gratitude that we can also report that many friends of RockRidge Canyon responded graciously and contributed generously to the Survive to Thrive campaign, to help us reach RockRidge Canyon’s 2022 fiscal year budget. We are so encouraged by the generous response. We appreciate your prayers and gifts which allow the mission of RockRidge Canyon to move ahead with optimism into the new year.
I’m so incredibly grateful for our friends and family who love and support Young Life and RockRidge Canyon and thank you for your continued prayers and support.
With gratitude,


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Carolyn Mortensen

VP, Property Ministry, RockRidge Canyon

Ways To Give

Pre-Authorized Monthly Donation

One time gifts can be given by cheque, payable to Young Life of Canada, memo, RockRidge Canyon.

Pre-Authorized Monthly Donations (PAMD) can be set up for automated giving for any category of donation.

A PAMD is the most efficient and cost effective way to make regular donations to Young Life of Canada. It’s worry free and… it saves money in administration costs!

One time Wish List gifts

One time Wish List gifts
While our key focus has been maintaining operations, we are still looking to the future when we can host Young Life teens again. If your heart is to support specific projects please check out the WISH LIST link. When donating please be sure to type in what you would like the gift to be directed towards, like “Rope Swing” in the message field

Wish List Donations

Canadian and US dollars accepted

Gifts in Canadian dollars will be issued Canadian receipts, and US dollar gifts will be issued US receipts.  If you are donating in U.S. funds, please use the US Donations Page. You will be taken to a page that prompts you to enter your personal and donation information, as well as the gift designation.

Thank you!

RockRidge Canyon is owned/operated by Young Life of Canada, which is a Canadian Registered Charity.


All donations are tax deductible and tax receipts will be issued. (Online donations are immediately receipted by email, while paper tax receipts are issued for other donation methods).


Thank you for supporting the ministry of RockRidge Canyon!

Got questions? Just call!

Feel free to call our head office. You can reach us directly at

Michelle at National Service Centre

Young Life of Canada
120, 9440-202nd St
Langley, BC
V1M 4A6

(604) 881-6023, x 103

If you have any issues with the secure online donation portal, please contact Michelle directly at 604-881-6023, extension 103.

Michelle is at our Young Life National Service Centre and can help with donations over the phone as well. Thanks!

Frequently Asked Financial Questions

How is Young Life Funded (RockRidge Canyon)?

Young Life (RockRidge Canyon) is almost totally privately funded (we occasionally receive summer worker grants from the Government). Each Young Life community relies on the generous support of people in their area who value kids and want to help make a difference in their lives. Young Life is a not for profit organization recognized as a charity by the Government and able to issue tax receipts for donations. (This includes all gifts to the building of RockRidge Canyon). If you would like to contribute on an automatic pre-authorized monthly withdrawl basis (PAMD) we would be happy to arrange that for you. Please contact your local office or the National Service Centre for the required form. When making a donation please indicate your particular designation (city, staff person, RockRidge Canyon or camper scholarship) so we can be sure to direct your funds appropriately. Young Life of Canada is audited annually and these statements are available upon request from our National Service Centre in Langley, BC.

Can Young Life (RockRidge Canyon) issue US tax receipts?

Absolutely! Simply make the cheque out to Young Life of Canada and mail it to our National Service Centre: Suite 120, 9440 – 202 Street, Langley, BC, V1M 4A6. If a US receipt is required please indicate this. Unless notified differently, all US dollar cheques will be issued a US tax receipt. When making a donation please indicate your particular designation (city, staff person, RockRidge Canyon or camper scholarship) so we can be sure to direct your funds appropriately.

Does Young Life (RockRidge Canyon) Accept VISA, AMEX or MASTERCARD as a form of donation?

Yes, Credit cards can be accepted through our National Service Centre (, telephone (604.881.0204), fax (604.881.0204), or mail (see address above).

Can Young Life (RockRidge Canyon) process gifts of shares or units of public companies & trusts?

Yes. All gifts of stocks to RockRidge Canyon and Young Life of Canada are handled by Richardson GMP Limited in Calgary. Simply contact either Mike Manning or call the National Young Life Service Centre in Langley, BC at 604-881-6023 ext. 0 and request a “Stock Transfer Authorization” form. Complete this simple form and send it to your broker with a copy to Richardson GMP and we will handle the gift in an efficient and appropriate manner. You may designate your donation to any internal Young Life account including RockRidge Canyon. Once the stock gift is received in the Young Life account at Richardson GMP you will be issued a tax receipt for the fair market value of the stock as of the date of its arrival.

How are receipts produced and distributed?

All donation receipts are produced by our Accounting Department in Langley, BC. If the donation is made via Pre-Authorized Monthly Donation (PAMD) the donor will automatically be placed on our “annual” receipt program. This means that each donation will be recorded on a monthly basis and detailed on one total receipt which will be mailed to the donor by mid February of the following year. Any donor can request to be placed on our “annual” receipt list which means the donations given throughout the year will be distributed as designated but the receipt will be withheld and accumulated for distribution by the middle of February. Any donor not on the annual receipt program will have their donation receipt produced by the middle of the following month.

What if I have lost my receipt?

Replacement receipts can be obtained by contacting the National Service Centre in Langley at Please provide as much of the following as possible: the name of the donor, the date of the donation, the amount and internal Young Life Area designation.

Creative Giving

Creative giving helps Young Life care for teenagers. A properly thought-out gift strategy can support Young Life, while reducing present taxes and potentially minimizing future taxes on one’s estate. There are a number of ways to take advantage of the many creative methods of charitable gifting allowed by our federal tax system. In the Young Life community, we have a number of trained professionals who can assist in developing a well thought-out estate plan. These professionals are faithful friends who themselves have a history of supporting the Young Life ministry and want to make their skills available to our Young Life community. In doing so Young Life hopes to see its ministry supported not only today but in the years to come through creative planned giving.

Creative options for giving to Young Life

  • Young Life in your will.
  • Giving a Life Insurance Policy to Young Life and receiving a tax receipt for the full cash surrender value of the policy, or making Young Life the beneficiary of a policy.
  • Purchasing a New Life Insurance Policy with Young Life as the beneficiary where you make the donation to Young Life to cover the premium in return for a tax receipt.
  • Gifting publicly traded shares such as Trust Units, Mutual Funds or Stock to Young Life and thereby avoiding ANY capital gains while still receiving a tax receipt for the full fair market value of the equity. Young Life then sells the equity at market value with a reduced brokerage fee.
  • Creating a Charitable Annuity Trust where the interest flows tax-free to Young Life and may be utilized immediately by the ministry.

By your financial planning, you can minimize your taxes and help us care for kids and thereby impact their lives for a lifetime! Want to know more? Please contact your own financial planner or Mike Manning for more details concerning creative giving options –

Planned Giving

What is planned giving?

Simply put, planned giving is developing a creative plan of giving through a variety of means. These options include cash, securities (shares of a company, Trust Units or Mutual funds), wills, property, annuities, insurance and others. Sometimes the gifts are of immediate benefit to Young Life while at other times the benefits are deferred for a number of years. In either case, both the donor and Young Life benefit from this thoughtful arrangement of one’s financial affairs. This method of giving is not complicated but does require planning. Through planned giving, you will help to ensure that the ministry of Young Life will continue for many years to come.

What people are saying:
My wife and I would like to help Young Life now by our present gifts and also ensure the ministry to kids continues after our lifetime. That is why we are putting Young Life in our will.
Edmonton, AB
We originally took out this Insurance policy to cover our house mortgage but now that it is paid off, we don’t need the insurance. How wonderful that we can give it to Young Life and get a tax receipt for the cash surrender value! That will help us tremendously at tax time.
Toronto, ON
Because of what Young Life meant to me as a student, I want to include Young Life in my financial planning.
North Shore, Vancouver, BC
I am thrilled to know that I can now make a donation of appreciated securities to Young Life without incurring any capital gains tax on that donation and still receive a tax receipt for the full present day value of the stock
Calgary, AB
Canada & USA

Young Life is a member of the Canadian Council of Christian Charities. All donations are tax deductible. Young Life of Canada is a registered charity in the United States and is therefore able to issue a US tax receipt for our American supporters. This page is designed to provide general information about planned giving. If legal advice or other expert assistance is required, you should seek the services of a competent professional.

We can help you get started

Consider being a part of the growing number of Young Life supporters who are planning their giving in a thoughtful and creative manner. Please call your own financial planner, local Young Life office or Mike Manning –