Volunteer at Camp in British Columbia

Want to match Volunteering with a Scenic Getaway?

Perfect! We may have an opportunity for you.

From September through June, RockRidge Canyon hosts rental and Young Life groups. It’s a great way to maximize use of this fantastic property, share it with other groups and help offset costs for youth coming to YL camp in the summer. That’s where volunteers come in. While we have onsite staff and interns running day-to-day activities, volunteers help everything run smoother. We really appreciate your help!

What’s it like?

Generally volunteers come for a few days or stay the week. Yes, there is actual work to be done but it’s lots of fun and generally not strenuous. You’ll have time to enjoy the property and friends as well. (Remember, we want you to come back!)

Opportunities to serve

  • Dining Room hosts and hostesses – A typical day will include setting up and serving breakfast, lunch and dinner, then tidying up afterward and preparing for the next meal.
  • Housekeeping – Room turnover = Tidy rooms and making up beds.
  • Food Services – Kitchen helpers, bakery and dish washing.
  • Guest Services – Helping with set-ups for large events, sound techs, etc.
  • Site & Facilities – General maintenance and special projects, like landscaping, spring flower planting, fall clean up.

Volunteering is also a great way to invest in the lives of others and encourage RockRidge Canyon staff. Let us know when you are available!

If you would like more information, please contact Linda Rytkonen at lrytkonen@younglife.ca or call 250-870-9030 x 4103

FALL 2022

Dining Room

You’ll play a key role setting up and serving breakfast, lunch and dinner. It takes a bit of time but it isn’t hard work.

Date / # Needed / Guest Group

Sept 13(14)-16 (Tuesday – Friday) / 16-20 Adults  / White Rock Christian School

Oct 4-6 (Tuesday to Thursday) / 4-6 Adults / School Retreat

Oct 14-17 (Friday to Monday) / 6-8 Adults / Corporate Group

Oct 23-25 (Wednesday-Friday) / 4-6 Adults / School Jazz Retreat


Fall is beautiful in the canyon – Come enjoy it for a day! You’ll help out our Housekeeping staff, as we turn over guest groups, making beds and tidying rooms in Wolfe Creek Lodge and possibly the dorm lodges. Many hands make light work! It’s rewarding to see a job well done and know you are contributing to a positive guest experience at camp.

Date / #Needed
Sept 9.  (Friday) / 11
Sept 12 (Monday) / 7
Sept 16 (Friday) / 7
Sept 19 (Monday)  / 7
Sept 23 (Friday) / 7
Sept 26 (Monday) / 7
Sept 29 (Thursday) / 7