Intern Stories

Fall_Intern, RockRidge Canyon
Musings of Sean McLean  |  2018 Fall Intern

When I was at home this past summer, I was going through a bit of a time and felt lost. I knew I needed something, but didn’t know where I would find this saving grace. I was making decisions about finding a job, and thought money would satisfy. Freedom gained through financial stability. But one rough day, I was chillin, and my cousin messaged me about an opportunity to get away, try a new start. He suggested serving at RockRidge Canyon. He thought it was a place I really need to be right now. It didn’t feel right at first, my mind was set on making some money. Yet, by the end of the conversation, I knew it was time to let God into my life. I felt I needed to meet God there, somehow.

Everything starting falling into place. From Edmonton, every hour driving to RockRidge Canyon, the Holy Spirit was building in me an unbearable feeling of excitement. I was so ready to meet the people who would be part of the internship with me. The entrance to RockRidge brought a huge feeling of anticipation.

Being accepted into such a loving and encouraging group, was amazing. The community was so close, and doing the internship taught me that community is a big part of growing in my faith. I learned to live and co-exist, and love, and be intentional, with the people around me. I knew that this was the place I needed to be. The first Bible study, I felt I was being saved. It was happening and I can’t explain it. You would need to experience it yourself. It is so important to be vulnerable, and be with people in a real way. When you take the walk with God and learn how He works, how He loves – unconditionally, and the power He has to transform you. Everything seems to fit into place.

The biggest thing I learned was letting God get ahold of me. Letting it happen, is where things start to change. A couple of weeks in, I learned that there were still barriers that I needed to let go of. As I developed with others, it tightened friendship knots, and we all still have our group chats to this day. Lifelong friends were made.

The work that is done at RockRidge Canyon is so humbling – yet so empowering. When you wake up every morning at 7:30 am and start the day off and work for God. Really being there is serving God. It’s helped me have a bigger picture. It’s not for me, it’s not for RRC but it’s for God. For the people who come, we serve them. It is doing the service that makes you really look back and understand. The project – the end product is so very satisfying. This God given place is a panorama of beauty that you can’t deny God. It’s an empowering place. Applying to be a fall intern is honestly the best decision I have ever made.

When you are about a month and a half in, you don’t’ want it to end. It is truly a life that you don’t want to say farewell to. It becomes tougher, when you realize you need to say goodbye to your friends. We all learned things, though, that we are taking back home, and we are better people back in our home communities and in our relationship with God. It is so incredible. I can’t stress enough about how much a change this internship has made in my life and the saving grace of God.



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